RKD produces all the frameworks with high-quality steel, manufacture and origin certificate, both for piping and rolled steels. Our pipes stand out from other brands thanks to the larger wall thickness (3mm standard), and at the present it is one of the sturdiest pipes on the market. The structure is designed by means of computer-assisted programmes, entirely symmetrical, so that a completely regular curvature of the span is produced, which gives it a greater resistance both to its own weight and water contents, as well as to the lateral effects caused by wind loads.


The whole of RKD framework is hot-deep-galvanized according to UNE-EN ISO 1461:1999 standards and is highly durable, with strong resistance to rusting and corrosion.

Central tower

The central tower of the circular pivots is manufactured with elbow and extension pipe of large thickness, in a guide pipe where the four anchorage feet are welded. Likewise it possesses a connection for the exit of the electrical collector rings fixing pipe, entirely hermetic by the means of cable glands.

Coupling between spans

RKD coupling system is cardan-type, and it is developed by a ring that provides great resistance to the framework and makes possible the adaptation to highly uneven surfaces, both radially and tangentially. The coupling sleeve is made of vulcanized anti-wearing natural rubber, creating a perfect union with great durability.

Drive unit mechanism

The drive unit mechanism has been designed to support the weight of the spans and hold all the system of gearboxes, transmissions shafts, motor-drives and wheels. It consists of four upright angular braced profiles, which join the end of every span with the drive unit, making an extraordinarily heavy duty structure.

Motor drive

The motor drive is a compact group consisting of a tropicalized motor, mounted in a frame of extruded aluminium with external refrigeration panels for heat dissipation, with a 95% performance, low amperage, double set of gears, and IP-55 protection. The whole of it features a fully watertight homogenous group with the highest reliability. Depending of the needs of each use, engines can be of 0,75 HP, 1,0 HP and 1,5 HP, the last one used for high-speed engines.


This is a transmission group of steel augers and crown highly resistant of cast iron GS, with reversible double exit which makes very easy changing spare parts. It is provided of an internal oil expansion chamber to avoid escapes as a result of the oil expansion.


All the standard wheels on RKD machines are 14.9/13×24 high-flotation tyres, with an inner tube, galvanized rim and valve protection. The tyre tread design has a special shape to be used specifically for irrigation purposes. In particular cases we can put other wheel types.

Main control panel

On all RKD machines, the electrical elements of the control box are top-quality products and are mounted inside of a closet of polyester reinforced with fibreglass (IP- 55), which makes the unit completely watertight and immune to atmospheric agents, preventing the rusting and corrosion common to other types of boxes made with metallic sheet.

Overhangs end gun

Its range oscillates between 10 and 30 metres reach depending on the end gun model, the capacity and available pressure, increasing the plot irrigated with this system.


The geared motor is linked to the wheel gear units by means of a transmission shaft consisting of telescopic bars with cardan links on both extremes, completely covered and protected in order to avoid interference with the crops. The axles of motor drive are totally aligned with the reducers to allow the transmission to work straight, which considerably extends its durability. The transmission can also be installed with aluminium cardan and urethane inserts.